Award Winning Dental Technology

Dental Technology: Our Priority is to Offer You the Highest Quality in Dental Treatments

At Westcoast International, our priority is to offer you the highest quality in dental treatments. We carefully select imported dental technology, equipment and materials from the likes of France, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Japan and the USA in order provide you the best in dental care.

All our dental services are at the highest levels of any international standard that would be considered high end in Canada, United States, Western Europe and Australia. All finished dental cases are carefully inspected by our dental trained professionals to ensure quality and longevity.  To assure proper decision making prior to starting the plan, all plans with complex or surgical needs are thoroughly discussed and analyzed prior to providing you a recommendations.

Dental Technology by Westcoast Internatioanal Dental Clinic

Westcoast Smile Design™ - 3D Diagnostics
Not everyone's smile is the same. We listen to your requests and will design a beautiful smile that is the best match for your face for you using our Westcoast Smile Design™ program. By implementing a trademark system smile analysis and clinical review protocol, now everyone coming to our dental clinic in Vietnam can be offered the best outcome prior to teeth preparation. Our goal is to preserve as much teeth structure as possible and avoid root canal therapy. In particular, every cosmetic dentistry case is evaluated by a team approach in a systematic way.  Our system of Smile Design™ is critical in the manufacturing process for high quality production of your beautiful new teeth.

Nobel Clinician™:  Interactive Planning and Guided Implant Surgery
For all implant cases including the All in 4™ surgical dental implant planning, it's essential to have a 3D interacitive plan. We benefit from digital integration of a conventional diagnostic tooth setup and full 3D view of the patient’s x-ray anatomy as a basis for evaluating and defining implant positions for exact placement.


  • The surgery is rehearsed and done by imaging first to create exact implant placement with guided surgery
  • Safe and predictable - minimally invasive surgery
  • Immediate teeth after teeth removal - faster completion time

Sirona – Digital Imaging System
This German digital system features a complete interaction between hardware and software, giving users the power of integrated diagnostics, planning, and treatment from a single imaging system. With a simple 7 seconds scan, the software provides high resolution imaging with a minimum of radiation. With this information, our doctors are able to precisely plan and execute your treatments for a faster, safer and more precise experience!


  • Ease and affordability to patients
  • Better clarity and certainty
  • Reduced radiation exposure

Top 5 World Dental Implant Systems
Westcoast is proudly using Implant Direct Interactive, Straumann, Dentsply Ankylos & Nobel technology and their latest dental implant products.

These are companies that will never go out of business and therefore the support is long term. Our goal is one treatment one time, no delays in getting parts and zero failure tolerance. We provide a lifetime warranty on these implants.

For more information, consult: Implant Direct, Ankylos & Nobel websites

No Bone Solutions
Have you been told that not enough bone is present for having a dental implant? We have the latest dental technology to rebuild the site with techniques that may not require harvesting bone from the hip or the jaw. We use synthetic, bovine and human allograft bone in conjunction with platelet rich fibrin and recombinant BMP to help achieve excellent results. To minimize trauma, these techniques avoid the discomfort and soreness that occurs when harvesting bone from a different part of the body. Another No Bone Solution is our All on 4™ technique in which bone grafting procedures can be avoided due to angulating implants away from vital structures.

Teeth in a Day
One huge improvement in dental technology for implants is the use of immediate teeth following implant surgery. After surgery, we can place teeth on dental implants so you can smile naturally as if you didn't have surgery done. Ask us about immediate teeth following dental implant surgery.

Invisible Braces With Invisalign™
The most convenient and least visible orthodontic system available today, Invisalign™ uses a series of clear aligners that you switch every 2 weeks and are custom-molded for you alone.

You will now be able to have your teeth strengthened without anyone noticing! It is also really easy to remove the aligners to eat, drink, brush and flush for special occasions. Invisalign™, an American system, as been in the market for more than 15 years. Westcoast is a leading provider and with the right experience to get you through Invisalign in the shortest of time.

For more information, visit Invisalign’s website.

CAD/CAM Dental Technology
Westcoast has invested in it's own on site dental laboratory for management.  We even provide export service of our dental crowns abroad!.

Cases are sent from US and Europe and then made in our lab by custom milling and CAD/CAM technology. Westcoast is then able to maintain and manage quality control measures for our own production here in Vietnam. In return, an exclusive arrangement provides Westcoast significant cost savings by being able to have the high quality restorations made in Vietnam. These cost savings are transferred to our patients.

3D Computer Generated Restorations
Zirconium oxide is a material used in the most demanding technical environments known to man, in space shuttles for example. It is now used for teeth implants and it offers function, esthetics, longevity and gingival health.

We can have the laboratory develop your implants within 2 days.


  • Safe and strong
  • Reduced exposure to bacterial problems
  • White and translucent
  • Metal free

Ultra-Thin Veneers

Dental Technology: Ultra-Thin Veneers Westcoast Dental ClinicWestcoast offers minimal preparation techniques in order to conserve as much natural tooth structure. Depending on each Smile Design™, we plan the case to the patient's request color and shape and choose the materials that provide the best longevity and esthetics. The materials are ultra thin yet incredibly strong and the precision and fit is dues to our highly trained dental team and technicians.

Facial Enhancement by Skincare Services
Westcoast is partnered with SIAN Skincare and Laser Clinic in Vietnam for offering the best in skincare services to those patients wanting a beautiful smile - wrinkle free. Nowadays, the best cosmetic dentistry clinics are offering full facial esthetics.

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