Crowns: Common Materials Used for Making Dental Crowns Crowns are used for restoring teeth that have been damaged or diseased, and essentially they protect and extend the functionality
5 Types of Dental Bridges: What Type is Best for Me? 5 most common types of dental bridges being used today: Traditional Bridges, Cantilever Bridges, Maryland Bridges, Composite Bridge (Ribbond or just bonded composite) and Implant Supported Bridges.
Dental Crown Lengthening Procedure Is dental crown lengthening a necessary or viable option? There are many effective and useful benefits associated with dental crown lengthening. It is a very versatile and common procedure.
Digital Smile Design (DSD) –¬†A Systematic Approach to Cosmetic Dentistry in Vietnam Digital Smile Design (DSD) provides support for the integration of specialties, such as cosmetic & restorative dentistry,
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