Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry: Dental Bleaching, Braces, Invisalign, Dental Implants, Ultra Thin Veneers, all Porcelain/ Ceramic Crowns, Dental Bridges

Westcoast Smile Design™
First impressions are important and a beautiful smile is often the first thing we notice about others. Nowadays, advances in dental technology can provide anyone with a “Hollywood Smile”. In Vietnam, this trend is gaining momentum with more and people being interested in improving their teeth. The motivating factor is increasing self-esteem to create a brighter future. Finding a new partner is the top rated reason for cosmetic dentistry, as noted in a San Francisco poll.

Westcoast Smile Design™ is our own detailed process to create smile transformations that are comfortable and long lasting. Cosmetic dentistry involves all procedures by dentists including teeth whitening, ultra thin veneers, ceramic caps/ crowns and full implants to support customized teeth to enhance your smile.

How Westcoast Smile Design Works?
We begin with an interview and review of you records (photos and X-rays), that starts the process and enables us to help you find your best smile. Next a behind the scenes process begins, in which our team and dental technicians will discuss and share advice on your potential smile. You can be relaxed and secure knowing this entire system approach is initiated after your initial visit without having to worry or spend time checking on the process.

The time for you to get involved is chair side,¸ when our dentist asks you how you like your temporary or to try in a set of teeth.  By then, the results are sure to make you smile.

In the process, one of the first things we study is your entire facial balance to create a natural esthetic result.

Then, the teeth shape and color are analyzed. The teeth should not be done one size fits all! In fact, did you know that there are four basic shapes of teeth? Oval, triangular, rectangular or square. The choice of teeth shape is one which our experience and technical lab support determines to have a predictable and beautiful outcome. Our team of experts work together to find the best outcome for you.

The Smile Design process also focuses on proportions. Did you know teeth should have a proper length and proportion to width? How much of a tooth should be showing when smiling? Even the way teeth fade backwards in the mouth is important in the design process.

So the shapes and colors in dentistry vary and of course we often see smile makeovers as a “white picket fence". The key is creating a natural looking, beautiful smile in which no one ever compliments you with the comment, "those are great crowns you have"!

Cosmetic Dentistry Westcoast4 Basic Shapes of Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry may involve whitening of stained teeth, closing of gaps between teeth, or repair of broken teeth. We are excited about all procedures in cosmetic dentistry including dental bleaching, braces (orthodontics), Invisalign, dental implants, ultra thin or pressed veneers, all porcelain/ ceramic crowns, metal free dental bridges, all of which will provide you with the smile of your dreams!

At Westcoast International Dental Clinic, we offer all these procedures under one roof and provide a superior result with our own customized on site lab.

Westcoast Dental Smile½ Smile of Lips

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