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Dental Cleanings - Professional Hygiene Care

Regular dental cleanings applied with gentle, professional precision, in conjunction with the highest level of hygienic and technical protocols will support your long term oral health.

Dental Cleanings Westcoast

The Canadian, Australian and American Dental Associations recommends that everyone should visit their dentist for a routine exam and regular dental cleanings at least every six months. In fact, it’s essential if you want to maintain healthy teeth and gums and long term oral health.

At the Westcoast International (WIC) in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, we also suggest an exam and regular dental cleanings at least every 6 months for most clients. However, for our patients who have complicated dental issues or are wearing braces, every 3 months is more appropriate and effective.

Regular dental cleanings and exams where your teeth are checked professionally will help detect early signs of gum infections, tooth decay and many other complications. At WIC we focus on your plaque and tartar accumulation as it can develop very quickly, especially if you are not actualizing optimum home care between visits. If soft plaque is not removed it can harden on your teeth, irritate your gum tissues and that can easily lead to gum disease. Any clinic, dentist or hygienist must be really serious about this aspect of the process in order to provide successful results for their patients.

Dr. Andrew, managing director of WIC states, "If we as professionals fail to inspire and instruct all our patients about the absolute necessity of maintaining optimum dental hygiene, then we’re not fulfilling our purpose. Millions of children and adults who’ve taken their personal hygiene and oral care for granted, later on in life will be headed down the road towards major dental reconstruction." Dr. Andrew comments further. "We have to be serious about preventive dentistry, because if we’re not, chances are no one else will be".

Gum disease (gingivitis) is a serious problem which usually results from poor oral hygiene and even though it can show up at any age it’s most common among adults. The disease is usually painless and therefore you may not be aware you even have it, without a thorough exam.

If left untreated, gingivitis can quickly advance to periodontitis which will eventually lead to bone resorption and, or tooth loss and other health problems. In extreme cases where periodontitis is out of control, heart disease, strokes, and preterm pregnancy’s accompanied by low birth weights are often a result of the complication.

Dental Cleanings WestcoastThe area needing the most focused cleaning is under the gum line, bacteria accumulating there can wreak havoc with the bone and gum tissues which are supporting your teeth. A thorough cleaning will remove all the bacterial deposits under the gum line! However, if your condition is serious, unfortunately regular dental cleanings cannot be completed in just a one hour visit.

Some patients require root planning which is a tedious task, the surface of the root must be planned or scrapped until it’s smooth. This process removes tartar, plaque and other toxins, eliminating the bacteria, which needs a rough surface to thrive and survive. This procedure is often referred to a deep cleaning or subgingival debridement (the clinical term). If a skilled technique and non-rushed approach is applied with the use of anesthetics, these treatments can be effective and gentle. If your condition has escalated to the point of being serious, this procedure is mandatory if you want to save your teeth.

Properly administered and effective regular dental cleanings are often considered a mundane and low end treatment in many parts of Asia. Some dentists focus on making profits off high end therapies, allowing only a few minutes for oral hygienic care, when a thorough cleaning is most urgently needed. Did you know you can have a dental cleaning done in Vietnam for 2 USD! In Canada, USA, Australia and most of the rest of the developed world, oral hygiene care is serious business.

At WIC our entire team is committed to taking dental hygiene seriously! Ms. Hang, a hygienist at Westcoast notes that, "We allow 40 – 60 minutes for our gentle, regular dental cleanings in comparison to other clinics who often offer less time and a marginal focus on hygiene. The cleaning and exam process can detect problems or prevent them from occurring, so rest assured your oral health will be thoroughly monitored at WIC".

If you’re committed to a high level of oral hygiene practices daily at home and see your dentist consistently, you can maintain a lifetime of high functioning oral health. At WIC it is our purpose to provide the highest level of dental care and technologically advanced services and products to our valued patients. You are most welcome to stop by anyone of our 4 convenient locations in Hanoi and HCM City or check us out on our website, either way it will be our pleasure to meet and serve you.

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