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Westcoast International Dental Clinic Vietnam. 100% Foreign Dental Clinic in Vietnam

Westcoast International Dental Clinic Vietnam is the longest established, 100% Foreign Invested Dental Clinic in Vietnam. We hope you choose us because of our experience and reputation in providing high quality service and treatment has proven to be extremely consistent and highly satisfying to our patients. Westcoast International Dental Clinic Vietnam is part of a international healthcare group including SIAN Skin Clinic and Maple Healthcare Wellness Clinics in Vietnam.

Our Mission
To enhance the lives of people in Vietnam by offering high quality dental care.
To provide a comfortable and pleasing dental experience that puts even dental phobics at ease.

Why Choose Us?
You will find we make beautiful smiles.
Our trademark process of Westcoast Smile Design™ can ensure you a natural and beautiful smile. The process that we use is a systematic computerized approach that ensures minimal invasive treatment. Combined with experience and know how from a team of professionals, we make the process of smile makeovers longer lasting, comfortable and quick. We take great pride in helping others with their smiles and for the renewed self confidence they feel. You will find we provide incredible attention to detail and will always deliver a beautiful smile that will meet you highest expectations and leave you feeling very happy.

We Use the Best International Dental Materials and Equipment
You will find our state-of-the-art clinics are equipped with the latest technology from around the world. We use the best internationally recognized dental materials and equipment from countries including Switzerland, Japan, Germany, France and the USA.

We are a Dynamic, Progressive Multinational Team
In Vietnam and in Asia, Westcoast is very unique. Our team of dentists, specialists and support team come together from countries such as Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Italy and Vietnam to provide solutions for your complex cases. We pursue continuing education with leading international dental associations, attend global conferences on dental care breakthroughs, and are fully trained to use the cutting edge technology utilized throughout our clinics.

We Listen to You
We believe that better communication leads to better care. At Westcoast, you can express your needs and expectations in any language, and our culturally sensitive team will ensure that you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident every step of the way.

In House Dental Laboratory
Having a state of the art in house laboratory means we can provide you with excellent results, in the shortest amount of time. You may not have known, Westcoast International also produces high quality dental work for dentists in Australia, Western Europe and the United States. We are associated with a highly qualified dental laboratory group that exports work overseas and we have now invested a majority stake in the dental laboratory for expanding our own export market. We offer custom shading, intricate detailing and quick turnaround time for our clients.

We are Here Today, Here to Stay
Since 2004, our team members have worked together to provide outstanding care to patients living here and visiting Vietnam on holiday. You can rest assured we are here for the long term. We are happy to say that 82% of our new patients come from existing patient referrals.

Westcoast International's Commitments

You and Your Family's Safety
Westcoast adheres to the strictest guidelines as set out by the Center for Disease Control in the USA. We employ the latest and most gentle digital diagnostic technology to reduce patient x-ray radiation, and perform our dental surgery's in a fully protected environment with the highest standards of equipment sterilization.

Caring for the Community and Environment
Our clinic maintains the highest standards of environmental safety. We do not produce any radiographic waste products and do not use mercury filling materials. We were the first clinic to adopt amalgam separation techniques in Vietnam, which decreases the amount of amalgam in the waste water that leaves our office. We are considered a model environmentally friendly dental clinic in Vietnam.

Acting Responsibly
Vietnam has an incredible challenge to reduce the high incidence of dental problems amongst its children. Our mandate includes two independent charity programs that have been established as a part of our core philosophy to give back to the community and support some of Vietnam’s most underprivileged people. Westcoast International Dental Clinic Vietnam began as a Canadian initiative created to deliver personalized high quality dental care to our patients in Asia in 2004. Our unique and culturally diverse team includes some of the most talented and experienced dental professionals in the region sharing expertise together to provide world-class patient care.

Westcoast International Dental Clinic Vietnam

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