Dental Crowns, Dental Bridges

The Design of a Smile is Still an Art

Whether to replace a missing tooth or to reinstate a broken one, the process of making dental restorations can be created in dental laboratories or in your dentist’s office, depending on the material available.

Dental Crowns, or dental caps, are used to cover over and protect teeth from breaking. Usually these teeth have very little of their own remaining tooth structure left and are heavily filled.

Dental Bridges are two crown preparations placed on either side of the missing tooth (or teeth) to cover up the gaps. At Westcoast International Dental Clinic we provide both implants and dental bridges as options for missing teeth.

Advances in technology have helped make dental teeth become lifelike, like real teeth. This is important for esthetics, but did you know it’s also important to focus on the way teeth “wear”? Certain materials when polished roughly are much too abrasive for the mouth. Eventually they can wear down the opposing teeth, like a hard rough stone against a soft one.  Today’s technology has made materials less abrasive but much stronger, more esthetics and bio-compatible (non-reactive in your mouth).

The design of a smile is still an art – but science has made it easier for dentist to communicate to both technician and patient to prevent misunderstandings. For example, at Westcoast International we use CAD/CAM (computer assisted design/ computer assisted manufacturing), a special European program called Exocad to allow our own designers determine the best and most ideal look of your teeth.

But there is always one most important part of dental work for success: The fit of a dental crown will always first be determined by the way the dentist prepares the tooth and the impression (mold) taken by that dentist. New technology can verify the fit and accuracy of the impression immediately, while your still in the dental chair.

Dental Work Westcoast6 Teeth Made by Westcoast Dental Lab

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