Dental Implants & Bone Grafting (Bone Reconstruction)

Dental Implants Have Been a Clinically Proven Method of Teeth Replacement

Dental Implant Services
Missing teeth can cause serious aesthetic and functional problems for many people. It can lead to chewing difficulty and more functional issues such as overloading or shifting of the remaining teeth. The most severe consequence of missing teeth is the loss of jaw bone. Studies have shown that in the first year after tooth extraction, 25% of bone is lost and this is a continuous process, more bone surrounding the tooth will be lost if not replaced in time. Dental implants have been a clinically proven method of teeth replacement for over thirty years now.

Dental Implants: Shifting of Teeth Into Missing Space WestcoastShifting of Teeth Into Missing Space

Implants in dentistry are the placement of prosthetic tooth roots into the jaw bone to replace the missing teeth. After insertion, the implant will be covered by a crown making it look and function just like a normal tooth, preserve the jaw structure and prevent bone loss. Dental Implants are now considered to be a more cost effective and conservative treatment than bridgework, because they do not involve cutting adjacent teeth.

Dental Implants Dental BridgesDental Implant vs. Dental Bridge

Continuous research has showcased predictable and excellent success rates for dental implant cases. With the right tools, skills from the experts and proper oral care, these implants can last you a lifetime.

Westcoast International Dental Clinic is a leader in offering the most comfortable and effective dental implant procedures in Vietnam. Advanced technology has allowed us to simplify the process of dental implants, instead of multiple visits to different specialists, Westcoast offers comprehensive treatment including block bone grafting, sinus lifts and guided bone regeneration (GBR) all within our advanced clinic. With the help from our onsite dental lab, your prostheses are customized specifically to fit your conditions and save you time. Furthermore, in some cases, we can have your implants and teeth replaced within the same day!

Teeth in a day (or immediate loading) provides instant aesthetics and function. However, the patient’s overall condition is crucial factor and there are some important aspects that come into play:

  • His/ her general dental health
  • Number of teeth missing
  • Which teeth are being replaced
  • These factors will also determine the number of visits throughout the treatment period

Importantly, we like you to know that we are still available for your questions even well after your surgery. We are committed to provide you with good communication to reassure our services.

To be precise and eliminate problems seen in implant dentistry such as poor positioning, Westcoast uses Surgical Guided Software (such as Nobel Guide) to digitally plan and place the implants. This technique allows us to perform faster and provide more precise outcome for our patients by creating 3D image of your jaw bone and teeth. The software provides a detailed view of all anatomical structures and allows exact surgical planning of single or multiple implant positions prior to surgery. Therefore, risk of poor planning and implant failure are significantly reduced.

Dental Implants Nobel Software WestcoastNobel Surgical Guide

No Bone Solutions
Bone grafting is a procedure that is necessary in case of bone defects or bone deficiency. Mainly it is performed in order to create enough bone to support the dental implants such as All-ON-4 dental restoration and Dental mini implants. These are high quality, minimally invasive solutions we provide here in Vietnam. Bone grafting procedure is necessary to ensure the longevity and stability of your implant.

About The Process and Technology
What bone grafting does, It creates a scaffold of material in the areas of missing bone thus allows your own body cells to enter and start the rebuilding process. Over time, these cells will remodel the graft material into your own functioning bone.

In the past, the procedure required harvesting patient’s own bone but with today’s advanced technology, there are various options to choose from. Bone grafting materials nowadays can come from several sources such as from a donor or processed animal bone. All processed bone has been well documented in clinical trials and has excellent safety and effectiveness record.

In order to help ease any discomfort during the grafting process, Westcoast International is equipped with both local anesthesia and IV sedation so you can relax. After surgery, you may experience symptoms like soreness in the treated area, this can be easily resolved with pain relievers or ice pack.

Procedure and Recovery
Complex treatments like bone grafting may involve more than a single visit. We recommend that you first attend for an initial examination and consultation. After our analysis, we will prepare a detailed treatment plan including fees. There are no additional fees after we make the treatment plan. If you cannot come to our clinic, we will require your dentist to prepare and send us your X-rays.

The recovery process may take up to 7-9 months for your bone to heal completely, so that it is stable enough for insertion of implants. During this healing period, you need to frequently check-up with us and your recovery will be well documented. This is to serve the ultimate goal – creating an ideal support for your replacement teeth that will look great and last a lifetime.

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