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Dental Implants: An Effective and Clinically Proven Method for Replacing Teeth Gently!

For over 40 years dental implants have been successfully used and recognized as a premiere innovation in modern restorative dentistry. The use of dental implants has been clinically proven to be a safe, effective, method for replacing teeth that insures impressive success rates.

New techniques and protocols are being practiced by upscale international clinics, like Westcoast International Dental Clinics (WIC) in Vietnam. Therefore, the procedures that will be part of your dental implants treatment process can be super gentle, and in most cases only minimal discomfort results.

Dental Implants with Westcoast International Dental Clinic Vietnam

Dental Implants an effective replacement method for missing teeth
When you lose a tooth or teeth it can cause serious aesthetic and functional problems, and if not remediated promptly your oral health will be adversely impacted. Tooth loss can cause chewing difficulties and other serious issues like overloading or shifting of your remaining teeth. The most severe consequence of missing teeth is the rapid loss of your jaw bone. Many studies have shown that in the first year after a tooth extraction alone, 25% of the surrounding bone will be lost. If left unattended more of your bone will soon be gone and eventually and it will affect your adjoining teeth.

Dental Implants Westcoast Dental ClinicShifting of Teeth into Missing Space

Implants in dentistry are the placement of prosthetic tooth roots into the jaw bone to replace the missing teeth. After insertion, the implant will be covered by a crown making it look and function just like a normal tooth, preserve the jaw structure and prevent bone loss.

To reduce the complications associated with tooth loss and insure the wellbeing of your remaining bone and surrounding teeth, replacing a missing tooth is mandatory. The use of dental implants for teeth replacement has become a very common and popular method for counter balancing the effects of missing teeth. By restoring your mouth with a balanced set of teeth, it complements what nature intended for you.

The technological advancements in product quality, durability and safety, relative to the use of dental implants can provide stability and stimulate amazing longevity rates.

Many studies and years of research highlight the excellent success rate of dental implants! The use of implants is the preferred choice for most people who need to replace a tooth or teeth when bone quality and general health allows.

Implants are essentially prosthetic tooth roots that are placed with precision into your jawbone to replace your missing teeth. After your implant has been securely placed it’ll be covered by a crown, making it look and function just like a normal tooth. The results of a successful implant placement if it’s maintained well and remains stable, will preserve your jaw structure and prevent further bone loss.

Dental implants are now considered to be a more cost effective and conservative treatment option than bridgework, because it doesn’t involve cutting down adjacent teeth. The actual treatment process depending on your clinic and dentist can be quite gentle.

Dental Implant vs. Dental Bridge

Dental Implants vs. Dental Bridge VietnamIf the right support tools and expert procedural skills are utilized during your treatment and if you exercise optimum hygiene care thereafter, your implants can last a lifetime.

WIC is a leader in the field of implantology and offers the most gentle, comfortable and effective dental implants procedures in Vietnam. According to Dr. Andrew, the managing director of the WIC, "We use the most technologically advanced, procedural protocols known, which allows our team of implant specialists to simplify the process". He goes on to say, "Instead of multiple visits to different specialists, WIC offers comprehensive treatment capabilities including block bone grafting, sinus lifts and guided bone regeneration (GBR) all in-house".

WIC’s onsite internationally staffed dental lab, makes it possible for your prostheses to be entirely customized and modified to meet your needs. Furthermore, it essentially saves you time, money and in some cases your dental implants and teeth can be replaced within the same day! Two of the special benefits of having your teeth replaced in a day (aka immediate loading), is it provides instant aesthetic value and your normal oral functions are restored.

There are other crucial factors and important aspects that come into play and must be considered as follows prior to determining your eligibility:

  • Your general health
  • Number of missing teeth
  • Bone quality and density
  • Which teeth are being re-placed
  • These factors will determine the number of required visits to your dentist during your treatment period

To be more precise and eliminate problems which can occur during implant surgery, such as poor positioning and placement. WIC uses Surgical Guided Software (such as Nobel Guide) to digitally plan the exact placement of your implants. This technique allows us to perform procedures efficiently and provide a more precise outcome, by creating 3D image of your jaw bone and teeth. The software provides a detailed view of all anatomical structures and allows exact surgical planning of single or multiple implant positions prior to surgery. By using this system the risk of poor planning, complications and implant failures are significantly reduced or eliminated altogether.

The use of computer driven imagery reduces surgery times and makes the experience less invasive and gentler than ever before!

Computerized Simulation and Surgical Guide for Dental Implants

Computerized Simulation and Surgical Guide
At WIC we also offer the safest and most advanced anesthesia - sleep dentistry options and injection techniques available in dentistry. Thus it makes dental surgery easier and a more gentle experience even for the most timid patients. Furthermore, it helps expedite the healing process, in most cases you’ll be recovering from the procedure in a week or less.

It’s important you know that WIC will be available to answer your questions, and support you through issues or difficulties that arise long after you’ve completed your treatment.

Dr. An, another reputable dentist practicing at WIC states, "We’re committed to ensuring good communication and full disclosure before, after and every step of the way during your treatment cycle". She adds, "We take pride in insuring that your treatment process is as pain free and gentle as possible. It is our sincere intention to make the experience from start to finish as easy and pleasant as it can be!"

Feel free to contact us at any one of our clinics locations in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. It will be our pleasure to serve you!

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