Dental Lab

Our Team of Dental Lab Technicians are Some of the Most Experienced in Vietnam

Westcoast International Dental Lab is a full service dental laboratory that prides itself in providing customized and speedy care exclusively to Westcoast International dental patients. Our progressive laboratory team maintains a position on the cutting edge of dental technology.

Westcoast Dental Clinic and Dental LabWestcoast International Dental Clinics & Dental Laboratory

We are also a dental product exporter to high end clinics overseas, as an affiliated center with dental labs in Canada, Europe and United States to whom we are partnered. Synergistically, we produce for them and they help us pursue materials and techniques that are always getting better for you.

The foundational core of our lab is the implementation of strict protocols to ensure maximum constancy in high quality outcomes. This is done with protocols and machinery made from Germany. Our entire team of dental lab technicians are some of the most experienced in Vietnam. This guarantees consistently high standards and your complete satisfaction.

Our Ceramics
Our dental ceramists bring decades of hands-on experience to provide the strongest, most bio-compatible, durable ceramic restorations. The team continually adapts new technology and materials and works closely with our dentists, to ensure that patients have the best aesthetic and technical quality restorations available.

Good Alternative
In today's new economy, we are helping our patients meet the challenges of rising costs of materials, particularly with gold. We can provide our patients with restorations that maintain integrity and quality of materials, as well as high aesthetic value. Our choices of materials are strong for your mouth and highly esthetic, meeting the demand for today's competitive and affordable pricing.

Dental Implants
We are engaged with implant treatment planning from start to finish. When a case comes to Westcoast International, the recognition of potential problems in loading, implant position and design of the final prostheses is carefully analyzed in an international team approach. Our dental lab assists doctors and surgeons in treatment planning, and processing surgical and guided surgical stents for CT scans, to ensure precise implant placement in future sites. Implant crowns and prosthetics are the most difficult in dentistry and therefore require close communication to eliminate errors.

Fast Turn Around Times
1 to 5-Day Turnaround for most cases!

Because we are in-house, we can have your case completed much faster than most clinics. Two weeks and multiple fittings/ visits is considered normal timing for getting crowns and implants done in places such as Australia, Europe and Canada. We rely on German protocols and systems that gets lab work done in the shortest time possible.

We recognize that many of our patients come from overseas and have limited availability and travel time. We perform Teeth in a Day with the help of our lab for cases where we are removing teeth then immediately replacing the space with new teeth. For many appointments, patients can come in the morning, take a short break and be finished in the afternoon.

FDA certified and CE marked materials
All of the materials used for dental restorations and removable prosthesis are approved by the ADA (American Dental Association), Council on Education and Measurements, as well as the FDA and CE marked for Europe. Rest assured, Westcoast International does not cut corners or use inferior products that are not safe for your mouth. None of the products we use are made in China! Studies show (unfortunately) that some Chinese products have higher breakage / failure rates and in some cases produce more toxicity.

You may see our dental technicians get very involved in your case. For example, we perform custom shade taking in our laboratory or in the clinic and the use of digital photography. Another example is we make several “mock ups" to verify important details such as the midline or the shape and length of your teeth. We will work very closely on your case in an international team approach to ensure that you are provided the best, most natural outcome and eliminate needless errors.

When you combine Westcoast International excellent dentistry skills with excellent dental technical skills, patients are routinely assured of receiving finely detailed and high quality crowns, bridges, veneers, implants and removable components for a price and quality that other clinics cannot match.

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