Dental Tourism & High Tech World Class Dentistry

Dental Tourism & High Tech World Class Dentistry is Supporting Vietnam’s Economy and Notoriety

Many Asian countries have sophisticated and highly developed Dental Tourism industries in place. The financial success rate associated with this phenomenon is staggering and increasing annually. With the many Dental Tourism packages and options now available, the boom is moving in to full speed, fast forward mode in Vietnam.  This unique and beautiful country shines with a currently, incredibly, favorable economy, and it’s emerging quickly, elevating itself in to the lime light. Carving its own future path in the footsteps of Thailand and other Asian countries while offering comparable quality care at a substantial savings, much to their chagrin!

The Westcoast International Dental Clinic’s (WIC), led by Dr. Andrew H.F. Tsang.  A highly skilled and experienced western trained (Canada and USA) dental expert has attained an international reputation and acclaim by offering patients, superior quality and technologically advanced, affordable dental care in Vietnam.

Dental Tourism: Westcoast International Dental Clinic Thao Dien Vietnam

Why Choose WIC
WIC’s has amassed an impressive multi-national team of highly qualified passionate, caring Dentists, Hygienists, various Dental Assistants, talented Technical Designers – Craftsmen and a competent, mostly Bi-lingual(Vietnamese/English), Supporting Staff-Administrative Department. All of whom are extremely dedicated to providing our clients with a satisfying, affordable, world class, high tech Dentistry experience.

Include a dental tourism package featuring an exotic travel experience!  To one of the most beautiful, diverse and in-expensive countries in the world and you’ll be money a head as the recipients of the high tech dental care you needed with an unforgettable, rare holiday experience abroad!

We offer the total package at WIC
The highest quality, high tech dentistry services and products in modern, state of the art equipped offices. The most satisfying, enduring results, scheduling and coordination support (minus tedious language barriers), focused entirely on making certain your dental tourism traveling experience is easy and relaxed.  With our promise that you will receive premium, world class dental care you can trust for years and a holiday to live for, beyond your wildest dreams.

Dental Tourism Westcoast International Dental Laboratory Vietnam

As the premiere Dental Clinic in Vietnam we can do it all

The Next Wave in Vietnam’s Cycle of Growth and Development = Dental Tourism

Dental tourism is when people travel from a first world economy to a second or third world to purchase high quality, bargain priced dental care and treatment and take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a resort destination in some exotic, environmentally pleasing locale.

The Vietnam National Administration of tourism (VNAT), states that approximately 100,000 foreigners, travel to Vietnam annually for dental care. This influx accounts for over US $150 million in revenue. Those numbers are expected to rise over the next five years, when 250,000 foreign “dental tourist” are expected to visit, essentially dropping hundreds of millions of dollars in to local coffers.

At the moment Vietnam has one of the most favorable economic environments in the world! The high tech, western quality dental care, like what is being practiced at WIC, is being offered at very encouraging rates, nearly 15% below what comparable services would cost in Thailand clinics. In addition, general services (accommodations, meals, air travel – public transport etc., etc.), are all considerably less expensive in Vietnam than in Thailand.

What a concept, combining world class, superior quality and technologically advanced, affordable dentistry at WIC in conjunction with a perfectly timed and coordinated tourist holiday on the sun baked, balmy shores, or in one of the many bustling cities- colonial towns or in the rural mountain countryside of Vietnam?

As the statistics illustrate to us, it’s happening folks! High tech world class dentistry is boosting Vietnam’s economy, and each year thousands upon thousands more happy travelers are going to be taking advantage of this timely opportunity. Vietnam’s notoriety and expanding dental tourism industry has only one way to go, onward and upward, nothing but the best.

Take advantage of this incredible economic development cycle and feel free to contact the staff at WIC. They will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate relating specifically to your dental needs or issues and to assist you in arranging your travel plans and schedule, and realizing your dreams.

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