Dentistry Cost

Dentistry Cost in Vietnam

Dentistry cost for your dental procedure, what does that mean? The value of a dental procedure represents the quality of the treatment performed, the longevity of the treatment and insures that you will experience no harm or adverse affects from the care. Surprisingly, many patients are not aware that dentistry costs represent way more than just the tools and materials.  But rather how good the dental team works / performs for you, the systems and decisions that are made about the planning and delivery of treatment and then the tools and materials used. Overall, there are a multitude of decisions along the way that can give you peace of mind.

Any clinic that does not cut corners in the delivery of quality care is doing the right thing. If the price is too low, there may be some forced savings along the way. Skilled professionals should make a good income in relation to the excellent care and services they provide.  Being compensated for their efforts and dedication is appropriate and expected.

At Westcoast we pride ourselves on three things regarding your dentistry cost:

  1. No cutting corners on any of our systems or protocols such as our Westcoast Smile Design™ and using the best materials available to us which are unequivocally designed to last.
  2. We are not the cheapest option in Vietnam nor do we want to be. To have the best people, we have to ensure they are paid well. To have the best management systems and staff, you have to invest time and energy in this. To ensure there are no unforeseen disasters or overlooked issues along the way, we need to have an excellent quality control and management team.
  3. Our dentistry cost are still 1/2 to 1/4 lower than the fees charged by comparable high end clinics in Australia, Singapore, USA and Canada.

We take a very long term approach to dentistry!  It our goal to actually save you money in the long term, by preventing many major issues from developing.  We will accomplish this by providing you with a well thought out and effectively designed long term plan.

The quality and service difference that you deserve is reflected in the pricing that we can provide. Our goal is to make sure that when you return home you will experience peace of mind about the dental care and services you've received, for many years in to the future.

Standardized Fees
The fees we agree to are set and do not change after the treatment is completed, they are standardized unlike some other clinics.

Westcoast International uses a non-discriminatory dental fee system in which foreign patients and local patients are charged the same, thereby providing our patients peace of mind. There are no hidden services charges or tax surcharges imposed.

For estimates, please send us an email by filling this FORM.Dentistry Cost in Vietnam

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