High Quality Dental Treatment for a Fraction of the Fees in Europe, North America and Australia

Were you considering getting dental treatments in Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong or Singapore? Why not Vietnam?

There are many advantages to having your dental treatment done while in Vietnam. If you are considering teeth whitening, implants, veneers, dentures, crowns, bridges, a root canal, mouth-guards, bite-splints or any other dental treatment, you can rely on a Westcoast International's dentist's in Vietnam.  They will offer you the best treatments with a standard of quality you deserve. We offer high quality dental treatment for a fraction of the fees seen in North America, Europe, Australia and other Asian countries. Your savings will pay for your vacation!

What makes Westcoast International special compared to other regional countries is we integrate Western management practices and a frank and honest approach to your care. We believe that cultural understanding is a fundamental part of a satisfying process. We do not hesitate to clearly inform you what can or cannot be done and always provide realistic descriptions of what is expected without making false promises. You will always know where you stand with the treatment plan and timing with us- this has been and remains a main component for our success.

We know making a decision to come to a foreign country and to trust a clinic to provide a high standard of care is not a simple one. Our dedicated team knows this and we make every attempt to make sure your visit a comforting and memorable one.  We pride ourselves in a high level of service and have seen that our growth has been dependent on many overseas referrals, clients have made to us. No matter how long you stay in Vietnam, you can be confident about the care and advice you receive.

Please contact us to get a free online dental consultation. By providing us with a brief description of your condition, concerns, intentions, and including if possible, a copy of you scans and X-rays.  We will gladly be ready, willing and able to discuss your treatment planning and options with you.

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