My Bone Graft in Vietnam

While I was eating an apple, my front tooth fractured. I had a long history of problems with this tooth. My dentist in Darwin said it needed to be removed and replaced with an implant.  He told me, my case would be challenging because of my high smile and recommended  a specialist handle the procedure. He bonded a temporary tooth and sent me on my way.

I decided to go to Vietnam after I received a good recommendation from a friend, to have a dental implant inserted by Dr. Andrew with Westcoast International. I was hoping that the extraction and implant could be done at one time.

Unfortunately, Dr. Andrew said it was not possible to insert the implant right away the tooth extraction.  He discovered the entire front side of bone was missing and he informed me that if he placed the implant and bone graft at the same time, there would be long term risks the gums receding exposing the implant. He was very frank about this situation and this was good because I didn’t want long term problems.

The bone graft was a mix of my own bone and cow bone, it went rather well,  I was swollen for three days but surprisingly there wasn’t much pain associated with the process. I also had gum taken from the roof of my mouth attached to the site because I didn’t have enough gum too enclose the incision. That was really quite painful for more than a week.

I came back to have the implant placed after eight months. That was an easy appointment lasting less than an hour. Then a temporary tooth was used to mold my gums for months. Daniele the dentist in Hanoi really spent a lot of time doing this and didn’t even charge for me.

I appreciate the time to work on my gums. The dentists put a lot of emphasis on making sure the gum was shaped right. I understood this was an important aspect to make the outcome good.

The final crown process was easy and done in a few days. I decided to do a veneer on the next tooth because this was my understanding the best way to achieve symmetry in my case.

This is how it all looked before.
You have no idea how grateful I am to the Westcoast team for their hard work and dedication. I’ve even convinced my husband David to visit Westcoast International for an exam and evaluation,  as his dental condition is requiring some complex work and attention. Feel free to email me at if you’d like share a discussion with me about my experience of having dental surgery in Vietnam. I know how unnerving it can be to travel overseas for the first time to receive dental treatment.

Liz from Australia

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