Never Too Old For Dental Implants In Vietnam

My Dental Implants Surgery Made in Vietnam

Implants made in VietnamSo, off we went to Vietnam! My wife and I together had a total of 18 dental implants placed with the help and skilled care of Dr. Andrew at the Westcoast International Dental Clinic.

My particular case and dental condition was considered very complicated. Part of the reason is that I am 83 years old and to my remedy and restore my deteriorating situation would require a lot of surgery. My daughter is an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon and the Chief Resident at University of Minneoapolis. She graduated from NYU and had been reminding me to get my dental condition sorted out for quite some time.

I have been to see three different doctors in the past and I was told a full upper and lower restoration would  cost about 100.000 USD.

I have been waiting and hoping that my daughter would perform my much needed dental treatment and restoration work!  However because of the complexity of my situation, as an option, she recommended that I fly to Vietnam for treatment.

I chose Dr.  Andrew as my dentist and oral advocate.  He performed a bone grafting procedure and placed 10 dental implants to prepare for my much needed restoration work. Even on the first trip, temporary teeth were made – Teeth in a Day.  The entire intervention process from start to finish involved minimal  invasive treatment and the fewest implants required to rebuild my mouth.  To efficiently and effectively provide me with new teeth, at a substantial savings I could afford.

I am so happy with my new teeth and the care that was taken with my specific condition etc., etc.,.  I’ve waited more than 50 years to have a new set of teeth and now feel so blessed and grateful to be enjoying a richer, quality of life.

I’m so thrilled to finally have beautiful and functional teeth.  My Daughter, Dr. Reyna Nguyen, now in Minnesota, USA, is also very pleased with the overall outcome. Our cases were so complex, we didn’t think we we’d make very good candidates or even be eligible for dental implant surgery.

We look forward to an even better retirement enjoying smiling and eating with our grandchildren.

Who says when your getting old, you can’t have dental implants done?

Linh, USA

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