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Orthodontic Extraction vs. Non-extraction

Orthodontic Extraction vs. Non-extraction: Which is best for me?Orthodontic extraction or the choice to forgo the procedure to prevent overcrowding remains a heated controversy between senior experts in the global orthodontic community. Therefore, to determine the most appropriate treatment approach, requires a combination of research, detailed assessments relative to your specific case.An orthodontic extraction to […]

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Orthodontic Relapse Part 2

Orthodontic Relapse: Don’t Let It Happen To You! Orthodontic Relapse is a very disappointing situation, especially if you’ve paid thousands of dollars on your recently completed orthodontic treatments. The thought of having to recreate your past efforts to counter a relapse would be challenging to endure. The best approach to maintaining your newly corrected alignment […]

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Orthodontic Relapse Part 1

Orthodontic Relapse: Teeth On The MoveOrthodontic relapse is an oral condition which usually occurs when orthodontic treatments have been completed and your teeth begin shifting into unfavorable positions. Some relapses can be so severe your teeth will revert back to the same position they were in before you started your treatments.This would be a huge […]

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