Part 3: Westcoast Cosmetic Dentistry Helped by Fillers and Botox

Enhance the Dental Results With the Use of Dermal Fillers and Botox

Our patient was amazed at the dental outcome. What we did next was enhanced the dental result by using dermal fillers and Botox. Dermal fillers a are common cosmetic treatment in which we can “fill” and plump up the hollow areas of the face, thin lips, due to the lost of collagen and elastic in the tissues. All folds and wrinkles can be improved. We as esthetic dentists are able to inform patients about the effects of aging and the availability of new techniques that are non surgical whenever asked. Dermal fillers can help make an outstanding dental result become even more dramatically pleasing.  We choose to use fillers that are made of hyaluronic acid which happens to be a natural product in the human body, to retain water in the skin, collage and synovial joints. These are FDA/ CE certified products that has been shown to be safe, effective when the techniques are applied and performed well.

We use a VISIA skin analysis scan to determine the amount of folds and wrinkles.

Dentistry Vietnam Visia
The injections are virtually painless because we use local anesthetic.

Dentistry Vietnam Filler
The image shows the planned amounts and sites.

Dental Work Vietnam
The dental All on 4 restores the smile and vertical height of the face!
The skincare dermal fillers adds to the lost collagen and support of the face!

Dental X-Ray OPG Westcoast
Instead of a face-lift, a patient such as this 66 year old lady can look much younger and re-establish her self confidence with these non invasive techniques.

Enhance the Dental Results With the Use of Dermal Fillers and Botox
We gratefully thank our patient who gave her consent to post the story of her case in this blog. Her willingness to share the details of her cosmetic dentistry results comes from her desire to help those who are also fearful of dentists. She had experienced excruciating and uncomfortable dentistry situations in the past, such as extractions without sufficient local anesthetic.  She also lost a considerable amount of money and time with more than twenty full mouth rebuilds including full bridges and crowns that all subsequently failed.  For over 20 years of her life, she endured the limited capacity to chew food well and the painful lack of confidence to smile freely. Today she enjoys eating confidently and smiling in public with her grandchildren.  We felt very fulfilled and happy to have the opportunity to help change the life of this person, our valued and very satisfied patient.

this series by Dr. Andrew H.F. Tsang

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