Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening Systems Work by the Use of a Gel of Hydrogen/ Carbamide Peroxide

One of the easiest ways of regaining your smile’s youthful appearance is through Westcoast’s effective and safe teeth whitening procedures. Nowadays, everyone can have a whiter, brighter smile. Over time, you may notice your teeth have become yellow and have lost the youthful look you once had. This is caused by staining from foods such as tea, coffee or soy that build up and settle into the deep layers of your teeth.

Since we have whitened thousands of people’s teeth over the last decade, we have chosen and designed the best methods that are safe and effective for patients.

Teeth Whitening

How it Works

All whitening systems work by the use of a gel of hydrogen/ carbamide peroxide. Fancy lights and lasers are part of the so called high tech approach to teeth whitening. Overall, it’s the gel that works by releasing oxygen into the teeth to whiten the teeth.  We have 3 whitening methods: Take-home Whitening, In-Clinic Whitening, and Westcoast’s Ultimate Whitening.

Take-Home Whitening

In this method, our dentist will prepare whitening trays and prescribe a particular gel type for you. With our complete lab service, this is ready in an hour.  You can then begin the process of teeth whitening at home by yourself.

Recommended for mild to moderate tooth discoloration. Includes:

  • Teeth Whitening consultation
  • Custom mouth trays for upper and lower teeth
  • 14 day supply of professional whitening gel

In-Clinic Teeth Whitening

In this method, a highly trained professional will use light and a special stronger concentration of whitening agent in only one hour to remove the deep stain and yellow color in your teeth.

Advised for mild to moderate tooth discoloration. Includes:

  • Teeth Whitening consultation
  • Upper and lower teeth whitening treatment
  • Before and after digital photographs

Results: Immediate lightening of teeth! Teeth will continue to whiten for 3-5 days.

Westcoast Ultimate Whitening

This is our specialized protocol and method for the best results for whitening at low cost. We have  researched and formulated this step by step method to be superior over most other systems, It begins with our one hour session of In-Clinic Whitening. Then we also provide a special therapy to enhance the bleaching effects, plus adding a program of take home whitening kit to use following our protocol. Think of whitening like exercise, you need intensity and duration to get a good result.

Recommended for dark yellow, gray or brown teeth with deep staining. People looking for dramatic results. Includes:

  • In office whitening treatment, specialized toner and complete professional take home kit including custom fitted trays and gel.

Results: Dramatic lightening of teeth!

Other accessories available:  Whitening Touch Up kit

  • 2 syringes gel for touch up for those with whitening trays already

Whitening systems are safe and clinically proven not to cause problems. However, before whitening we would like to recommend having your teeth examined and cleaned for the best results.  People with highly sensitive teeth or a mouth of cavities or gum disease are not good candidates for teeth whitening procedures. Most patients get excellent results with a single In Clinic one hour treatment or the Take Home treatment. If you have severely stained teeth or are looking for “dramatic” results, Westcoast Ultimate Whitening will deliver the best results.

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