smile art contest 2020


In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, children have likely learned a lot about viruses and germs. This year’s contest will help children learn more about how germs can destroy people’s teeth.

Following the previous years, Westcoast International Dental Clinic Smile Art Contest 2020 will be held with the theme: “Use Your Superpowers To Defeat Germs In Your Mouth” and a key message “Take care of your teeth”.

The competition will take place from May 15th to June 12th 2020 and the winners receive Weekly prizes & Final prizes..

Purpose of contest

  • Inspire children to develop creativity and artistic skills through art in this fun contest
  • Encourage the importance of good early dental care


  • Children aged 12 and under that are living in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City


  • Due to social distancing, we accept applications to join the contest by registering online.

How to Enter the Contest

You should enter as early as possible to have a chance to win 4 early prizes for the first 4 weeks

  • Step 1: Take a high resolution image of your child’s artwork.
  • Step 2: Go to the Fanpage “Westcoast International Dental Clinic”. Like this page to be linked to our team and contest
  • Step 3: Send a message with the following information: His/her full name & date of birth. The name of school/art center or parent’s name & contact phone number. Please add a short description or title of the artwork (not more than 100 words). This helps the child express his/her meaning and feelings of the artwork.
  • Step 4: Attach the artwork photo to our FB messenger. If you cannot do this, alternatively you can send the picture of child’s artwork through email:
  • Final step appreciated: Share your child’s artwork from Westcoast’s fanpage to the parent/school’s facebook account and set “public” along with the two hashtag #Smilertcontest2020 #Westcoastdentalclinic

Evaluation Criteria & Prizes 

Weekly prizes:

Each week, the winner will be chosen based on the most reactions, comments and shares within that week. If you enter very early, your child’s artwork will be entered in each weekly contest. A child who wins one week cannot win in future weeks.
(A) Reaction (like, love, wow) = 1 point
(B) Comment (count per nick) = 2 points
(C) Share (count per nick, share public) = 3 points
Total points = A + B + C

We will contact you if your child’s weekly artwork enters the Final Round during the week after ending 1st roun

Final Round:

The final top 10 entries have to be sent to our clinics from June 15th to Jun 21st and will have a chance to win the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize awards.
All artworks will have a chance to win the top 3 prizes at the final round of the contest.

Note: The result of the final round will be determined only by the Organizing Committee.

Criteria for winning: Drawings will be evaluated on the basis of theme, message, creativity, artistic value and meaningful title and or written description. High scores as well as consideration of the age of contestant will help determine the awarded prizes.

Round Week Prizes     Judgment Date
1 1st week: May 15th – May 22nd Colormate Box     May 25th
  2nd week: May 23rd – May 29th Colormate Box     Jun 1st
  3rd week: May 30th – Jun 5th Colormate Box     Jun 8th
  4th week: Jun 6th – Jun 12th Colormate Box     Jun 15th
2 Final round: Top 3 prizes
Jun 15th – Jun 21st
1st prize: Ipad 10.2 2019 Wi-Fi 32GB
2nd prize:
Bicycle Asama
3rd prize:
Smart Watch Masstel Super Hero
    Jun 22nd- Jun 25th

Artwork Requirements

  • Each candidate can submit more than 1 artwork for the entire contest. Up to 1 artwork per week is allowed.
  • The artwork must follow the theme: Use your superpowers to clean up plague, destroy bad germs in mouth and to bring a happy smile to everybody.
  • Contestants can have many ways of expressing their ideas through materials such as color wax, color pencil, water color, pastels, oil paint, etc.
  • Minimum A4 size artwork which is a standard sheet of paper and larger canvases are allowed. Sculpture and any 3D artwork is also allowed.
  • Works of the child participating in the program must be his/her original work and has never appeared in any contest or other advertisement or exhibition before.
  • All entries must be submitted online until the end of Jun 12th 2020. Sorry, we cannot accept late submissions.
  • All entries will not be returned. The organizers have full rights to use the contest artworks, artist information and images of participants to promote in the media without remuneration.
  • The Organizing Committee have the right to cancel and remove the eligibility of participation without prior notice if they detect fraudulent acts of personal information, unofficial entries or cultural violations of Vietnamese fine customs and laws or entries that are related to political factors.
  • In the event of a dispute or complaint related to the contest, the Organizing Committee will intervene. The committee will make the final decision.
  • We will contact you if your child’s weekly artwork enters the Final Round during the week after ending 1st round. The final top 10 entries have to be sent to our clinic from June 15th to Jun 21st and will have a chance to win the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize awards.

Jun 27th 2020: Award Ceremony for the winners The venue will be held at:
HCMC: Westcoast Dental Clinic at 17-19-21 Ly Tu Trong, D1.
Ha Noi: Westcoast Dental Clinic at 2nd Fl., Syrena Center 51 Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho District.

It’s time to give your kids a chance to have fun with friends, promote creativity and imagination by drawing, and get more oral health knowledge in this year’s “Smile Art Contest”, being organized by Westcoast International Dental Clinic.

Thank you for joining this competition with us.