Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance Partners: CIGNA Insurance, Allianz - Insurance, Aetna Insurance, MSH Insurance, April PTI 

At Westcoast International, we have been working with international dental insurance providers such as Cigna, Allianz and many others to create more benefits for our patients.

In a direct billing arrangement, Westcoast International informs patients what is covered and not covered and patients simply sign at the end of each treatment visit. This saves patients time in trying to recover funds from insurance and we provide better understanding of the policies. We also recognize that Vietnamese dental insurance procedures may be complicated. It is our goal to help simplify this part of your dental visit as well. However, due to some privacy policies, communication with insurance companies can be difficult and we appreciate your patience and your cooperation. Although we will do all we can to help you with your dental insurance, it is your responsibility to understand your dental benefits coverage and we encourage you to directly contact your insurance company if you are unsure of your benefits or coverage amounts.

We have numerous Direct Billing arrangements with many insurance companies. Even if we do not Direct Bill, we have a very good positive history of completing insurance forms and attaining pre-approvals that are based in Canada, Australia, Europe and the USA.

Here are our Direct Billing partners:

Dental Insurance

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