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All ON 4 Dental Implants

All ON 4 ™ at Westcoast International
In need a full new set of teeth? Consider a full upper or lower dental arch (or both) with our All-on-4 treatment.

The All-on-4 is a technologically advanced dental implant procedure that basically provides patients with a new set of teeth in either on their upper or lower jaws or both the jaws in a single day. Yes, we can replace your teeth in the same day. Westcoast International is proud to offer you the All-on-4 dental implant treatment option.

All-on-4 is special because it provides patients with a whole new set of teeth using only four implants per arch. Published studies show a 98% success rate using All ON 4 dental implants. The process of implant placement takes approximately 2.5 hours per arch. The prosthesis is firmly fastened into place at an angle which allows more contact support with your natural bone, therefore the majority of time bone grafting is not required. All ON 4 allows shorter treatment time, less discomfort and is subsequently more cost effective.

All ON 4 ™ at Westcoast International

In comparison with All ON 4™ implant process, traditional implants require six to eight implants or even more in some cases. Often times bone grafting is needed before the implant placement surgery can even begin, therefore this adds extra waiting time for the injury to heal. Lastly, it is more painful with a significant increase in the overall costs.

The critical factor to ensure a successful All-on-4 treatment is the technical skill and design planning used. With Westcoast Smile Design™, we use a specially designed computer method and computer assisted manufacturing to achieve precision and accuracy for making a beautiful set of teeth on only 4 implants.

Implants Aftercare
An implant is designed to last you a lifetime. However, the longevity may be affected by your overall health, dietary and oral homecare routine. We want your recovery to be as smooth and pleasant as possible thus it is crucial to follow some of these post treatment activities:

  • Brush your teeth as normal with a toothbrush, but avoid brushing the surgical site for the first few days until tenderness permits
  • Rinse your mouth with salt water to aid healing in the first week. You can rinse as often as possible
  • Smoking can severely affect the success rate therefore we advise you to limit the use of tobacco at least until the wound has healed
  • Besides daily brushing and flossing, regular check-ups with our experts for professional cleaning are required to ensure the health of the implants

This type of treatment requires some notable planning that come only with experience. A careful diagnostic plan is critical to ensure safety and long term stability with the All-on-4. People without teeth are the most suitable candidates for this procedure, and since this operation does not require bone grafting, it is very fast and simple. A computer simulated surgery plan and surgical guide is used for making precise placement of the dental implants.

With all implant surgery, important anatomic structures such as nerves and sinuses are identified and protected.

There are important safety, health and cost benefits to this treatment:

  • No bone grafting
  • Less discomfort in terms of bruising or swelling post surgery
  • You will have teeth day after surgery
  • Lower cost incurred in comparison with typical implant treatment solutions which may need bone grafting or procedures involving more than 4 implants.
  • Full set of custom made teeth especially for you, thus making for excellent esthetics and big smiles.

If loose dentures are causing you discomfort and undermining your lifestyle, consider the All ON 4 option offered at Westcoast International. For more information please contact us.

Any surgical or invasive procedure requires you should seek advice and knowledge from an appropriately qualified health practitioner to understand the risks before proceeding.

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