Dental Corporate Services

Dental Corporate Services: We Want to be Your Family's Dentist

If you are working and living in Vietnam, we want to be your family's dentist. Either on a short assignment here or if deciding to live here for a while, many have chosen to have all their dentistry done in our Vietnam clinics. We want to help you along the way by providing you the best in dental care.

If you have dental insurance, Westcoast has a long list of partners with whom we have direct billing agreements. This means that you do not have to pay upfront for insured treatments, we will bill your insurer on your behalf.

Many multi-national companies with a presence in Vietnam have corporate credit for their employees. Under our Direct Corporate Billing Program, the employer is billed directly. Employees do not need to pay at the time of service for covered treatment.

For companies looking for high quality affordable dental care for their employee's families, we offer excellence in service and quality of treatment, free advice regarding dental problems and peace of mind regarding your dental treatment.

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