Trauma from Childhood Dentist

My name is John Reilly and I come from USA. I’m 63 years old and has been living in Vietnam for 11 years.

I confess that I’ve had fears about dentists since my childhood. I remember my old dentist back home would yell and cause me discomfort every time he would drill out cavities or pull out a tooth.

Furthermore, when I developed an infection in one of teeth and my face had swollen up quite badly, a dentist at an old clinic here in Vietnam put me on antibiotics and made an appointment to extract the infected tooth. Unfortunately, the wrong tooth was pulled out which caused the other tooth to break in two pieces. I was disappointed to learn that after that mistake the infection was still there.

Shortly after that sad scenario, I contacted Westcoast International Dental Clinic with the hope of saving my old tooth. Dr Daniele De Pasca, a dentist from Italy currently in practice professionally at the Westcoast International in Hanoi was available to treat my case. He recommended the immediate extraction of my infected tooth and the placement of an implant to remedy the situation and explained that a new crown and an implant would be required as part of the treatment plan. I followed Dr. Daniele’s recommendations and the following comment it what I shared with Dr. De Pasca after the treatment,

“May I say, that you have helped me reduce some of the negative feelings associated with my childhood memories”. You have been very gentle with your methods (and never yelled at me during any of the procedures!). I’m very grateful for your patience.”

Now when I look in the mirror, I see a brand new smile and I am happy about the result. I couldn’t believe that in just few weeks, I can smile again and I can do it all the time!

Thank you Westcoast International!

John Reilly, USA

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