Questions and Concerns for a failed root canal treatment

In situations where you deal with a failed root canal treatment the success rate of re-treatment is between 50 – 75 percent, depending on the circumstances of the failure.

For some of the initial failed root canal that occur, re-treating the tooth can solve the issue. Ideally, the second time around your dentist will be able to remove the previously applied endodontic filling compound, refilling your canal again with the intention of creating a better seal. Another possibility may be your dentist decides to refer you to an endodontic specialist, where special equipment and advanced techniques are available to mitigate your failed treatment issue.

In other cases a root canal surgical procedure may be the best approach. One type of surgery that may be considered is an apicoectomy. This is where an incision is made in your gums and bone allowing access to the root of your tooth. Essentially, the root tip is amputated and the area is thoroughly scaled, cleaned and sealed from the root bottom.

Failed Root Canal Treatment Fail

Root Canal Safety
There unfortunately is a lot of misinformation circulating around the internet that continues to influence patients, to question the safety and health risks associated with root canal treatments and procedures. The truth is root canal treatments, procedures and the scientific effectiveness of endodontic is a well-established fact. Some websites advocate that all root canal teeth should be extracted because you can never remove all the bacteria in a tooth. Root canal therapy simply entombs remaining bacteria.

However, mainstream research supporting root canal treatment is backed by many decades of studies, countless research projects, successfully documented case histories with proof of lasting results and endless consumer scrutiny.

At Westcoast your well being, comfort and safety is our top priority and focus of our entire staff. We welcome your questions and concerns and will do our best to share our vast knowledge and experience with you regarding root canal treatments with your best interest mind! We will help you understand both the benefits and potential risks associated with your recommended treatment. However with that being said, we believe there is no valid, scientific evidence linking root canals to cancer or other health problems. We are clear and confident about the advancements in modern dentistry and can assure you that endodontic treatments are predictable, effective and have a high success rate.

We welcome local residents, ex-pats, or travelers on the holiday trail in need of routine dental care – maintenance, advanced treatments or emergency intervention, to our clinics located throughout Vietnam. Come and meet our international staff of highly trained specialists and see for yourself what modern high tech dentistry is all about.

It is always recommended that you seek advice and treatment from a good dentist and feel confident that your root canal procedure will be performed skillfully and safely. The doctors at Westcoast International in Vietnam very informed with endodontic with decades of experience in the field and work diligently for your long term success.

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